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Forensic technology services

Forensic technology services

Using sophisticated technology tools, KPMG helps organisations address the risks and costs involved with evidence and discovery management.

KPMG helps organisations address the risks and costs of evidence and discovery management.

Investigation technology

One of the greatest challenges in any investigation is finding the relevant data and managing the issues related to jurisdictional access to data and data transport. Collections must be executed efficiently, cost-effectively, and with strict chain of custody.

KPMG’s leading technology capabilities enable our clients to respond quickly to adverse events.  Our clients value access to our skilled forensic technology professionals who have the experience and reach to help them recover and analyze digital evidence virtually anywhere in the world.


Data preservation

Evidence often exists only in digital form. Locating and extracting it, particularly in multinational organisations, requires more than customized equipment and software—it requires professionals trained and experienced in myriad laws and regulations regarding data collection, storage, and transport; privacy issues; and human rights legislation. Furthermore, it requires the ability to understand and map IT infrastructure and to collect and process data not only from common enterprise systems, but also from custom and legacy systems.

KPMG has the experience, technical skill, and global resources to help our clients tackle these important issues. KPMG helps you collect, recover, and analyze digital evidence virtually anywhere in the world.  We have conducted thousands of international electronically stored information (ESI) collections and analyses.


Electronic discovery

Organisations face a variety of complex issues when dealing with ESI, as well as substantial costs in responding effectively to litigation-related or regulatory requests. Managing ESI effectively is getting harder and the stakes are getting higher.

Our services are specifically tailored to investigation and discovery processes and can easily accommodate high volumes of documents or data as well as multiple legal teams when needed.  KPMG helps organisations mitigate risks and reduce discovery management costs by (i) providing advanced, easy-to-use tools for data culling, review, and mining in native file format; (ii) applying the highest standards and leading practices for custom security protocols and policy; and (iii) providing a full audit trail accountability and tracking of your data on a secure, remotely accessible platform.


Data analytics

The volume of data and electronic information continues to grow at an astonishing rate. This growth is transforming all aspects of business, and changing the way companies manage and extract value from data. As organisational complexity increases, the demand for advanced forensic data analysis rises.

KPMG provides powerful data analytics that can create immediate value for our clients. We can identify opportunities to stop fraud, waste, and misappropriation of resources that have an immediate impact on the bottom line.  KPMG’s Global Forensic Data Analysis Methodology is our approach to examining financial and operational data routinely collected in the normal course of business and extracting additional value by making a series of comparisons, summaries, and aggregations to detect anomalies, patterns, and trends that are potentially indicative of fraud or other misconduct.  We provide results that are meaningful, understandable, and easily transferable to management, internal audit, or investigative teams.

KPMG leverages sophisticated data analytics to support a number of our offerings, including proactive and reactive fraud analysis and fraud risk assessments.

KPMG have the ability to help clients manage and access large volumes of digital data to draw out insights to more effectively manage risk in a cost-effective manner.  We leverages sophisticated technology and approaches to gain insights on business partners, customers, and agents; analyze transactional data to help uncover patterns, biases, and errors; and find the relevant facts for determining if there has been fraud, misconduct, or violations of laws, regulations, or company policies.

Our insight and experience, coupled with the use of technological methodologies, greatly increases a company’s ability to manage risk while providing efficient and cost-effective alternatives to meet the growing demands of today’s business challenges.

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