Client A major Chinese ride-sharing, AI and autonomous technology conglomerate
Sector Startup and technology
Project Procure-to-pay (P2P) transformation

Our client’s poor user experience of their existent Procurement system led to over-reliance on their operational buyers. The processes designed to complement that system did not provide the expected efficiencies.

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KPMG supported an enterprise P2P transformation, helping to design and build a single, streamlined, and user-friendly P2P process through an integrated Coupa P2P technology platform.

Client challenge

  • Inefficient and complicated P2P processes resulted in large volumes of maverick buying behaviours.
  • Ineffective and highly manual invoice approval process led to large volumes of invoice exceptions and matching activities.
  • Absence of automated analytics tools to monitor contract utilization and to facilitate strategic sourcing activities.
Key challenges
Key challenges
Root cause
Root cause

Key activities

  • Approached the project using the design thinking process – process design and implementation revolved around improving the user’s experience.
  • Designed the future-state procure to pay (P2P) process:
    • Design and customise Coupa for country specific business processes, e.g. China specific tax-receipt (Fapiao) handling process.
    • Evaluate client’s data flow complexity, and design the integration strategy and data flow requirements with Coupa and client IT team.
    • Developed training and communication strategies to assure smooth transition to the new processes and new system.
  • Develop and execute supplier enablement plan to complete supplier onboarding to Coupa (more than 200 suppliers); specific activities include Punch-out Supplier Integration ( and Office Depot).
Execution principle
Execution principle


  • Standardised and optimised procure-to-pay processes, which are realised through Coupa, covering 100 entities in China and U.S. branch, more than total of 1000 users.
  • Improved user experience and the efficiency of P2P processes.
  • Enabled more than 200 suppliers on Coupa at the time of Go-Live, and equipped the client with the capability of supplier enablement.
  • Transformed and redefined the procurement’s operational roles and structure in transition to establishing a corporate shared service centre.

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