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This white paper, jointly published by KPMG, ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) and Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), provides a snapshot of the current sustainable finance landscape across Asia Pacific − including data indicators, policy developments, and multilateral initiatives.

While corporate sentiment in Asia Pacific in favour of sustainable investment has clearly risen in the last few years, greater commitment is required, the paper finds. Currently over four-fifths of the total global sustainable investing assets are still concentrated in Europe and North America, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance. Asia, especially outside of Japan, is behind, but with a growing realisation of the importance of sustainable investments.

The paper includes points of view from industry and NGO players on how to help sustainable finance enter the mainstream and spark positive change across the entire investment community.

Pat Woo

Pat Woo Partner, Head of Sustainable Finance, Hong Kong KPMG China

Patrick Chu

Patrick Chu Partner, Head of Business Reporting and Sustainability KPMG China