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Why a family office?


Privacy and growth

  • Discreet management of family wealth and affairs
  • Gatekeeper between the family and third parties
  • Harmonious family growth
  • Creation of family value and family governance

Highly personalised services

  • Provide bespoke services tailored for the family that differ from those of wealth management institutions and multi-family offices
  • Excel at responding to and anticipating the needs of the family

Wealth protection, inheritance and accumulation

  • Comprehensively manage philanthropy, estate planning, tax and family wealth distribution
  • Handle strategic asset allocation, wealth protection and succession and long-term prosperity
  • Carry out duties professionally, increase compliance and reduce risk


Family office set-up blueprint


1. Identifying the purpose

  • Define family value
  • Outline scope and functions of the family office
  • Set assets under management
  • Specify current and future beneficiaries
  • Organise management and control framework
  • Understand the philosophy behind philanthropy

2. Planning

  • Family board and family governance planning
  • Preparation for NextGen’s education, growth, development, living and succession
  • Business rules on integrating NextGen and family member recruitment policy
  • Defined roles and functions of executive and non-executive family members
  • Thoughtful resourcing (insourcing vs outsourcing)

3. Structuring

  • Create strategic asset holding structure, taking into consideration asset protection, growth, succession, control, tax and privacy
  • Develop investment policy, rebalancing policy and mandate adjustment
  • Structure family board, independence advisory board and drafting of family governance documentations
  • Create effective communication channels for family members
  • Build philanthropy framework and management control methods

4. Establishing

  • Strategic asset allocation based on investment policy and strategic asset holding structure
  • Finance management and control system, wealth management dashboard
  • Nurturing NextGen and succession
  • Talent recruitment and appointment of key roles
  • Philanthropy implementation


What makes for an effective family office?

Prompt response to economic changes and local regulatory requirements

Prompt response to economic changes and local regulatory requirements

Long-term family prosperity and harmony

Long-term family prosperity
and harmony

Systematic and robust wealth management protocols

Systematic and robust wealth management protocols

Catered for the bespoke needs of family members

Catered for the bespoke needs of family members


Managing the family business dynamics

Managing the family business dynamics

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