Supply chains of the 21st century are faster, more interconnected and require sharing of greater amounts of data. The complexities of these ecosystems create operational risks, reconciliation challenges as well as fraud and safety concerns.

That’s where KPMG Origins comes in. Built on blockchain and a number of other emerging technologies, KPMG Origins helps global trading partners codify trust while enabling more streamlined interactions across organisations and borders.

Our easy-to-use platform reshapes industries by enabling exceptional visibility and control of the supply chain, from tracking raw materials to the final point of sale.

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Tell a unique story about your product, from beginning to end

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Share trusted data across your supply chain, quickly and securely

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Protect your supply chain against fraud and misconduct

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Reimagining supply chains with an infrastructure of trust

KPMG Origins maps the economic community of your supply chain, and works with key participants to share data that makes trading faster and safer.

Maintain full control: From sourcing raw materials to point of purchase, KPMG Origins provides you with clear visibility of production processes, transport conditions, and who has custody of your products.


Share trusted certificates: Proactively provide supply chain participants with confidence. KPMG Origins allows you to capture and share digital certifications of your organisation, production facilities and products.


Build trust with customers: Empower your customers to make optimal purchasing decisions with greater transparency of all points of the product journey.


Realise untapped potential – Globally: KPMG Origins enables you to improve your export processes, backed by our regional team who can help you to connect to your target markets across the world.


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The next generation trust platform


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Be informed, always: By integrating alerts from IoT devices and scenario modelling for external disruption events, KPMG Origins provides real-time intelligence on your supply chain


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Integrate your way: Integrate with major ERP systems, or deploy custom mobile or web solutions with the KPMG Origins Platform


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Secure, standardised communication: With data sharing capabilities aligned to GS1 standards, KPMG Origins allows you to share information with peace of mind


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Managed for you: By reducing the complexity of managing your supply chain, our platform gives you more time to focus on maximising the business value of traceability solutions