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On the 2019 Board agenda

On the 2019 Board agenda

Board agendas should continue to evolve in 2019 as the game-changing implications of technology/digital innovation, scrutiny of corporate culture and leadership, growing demands for companies to address environmental and social issues, and investor expectations for greater board engagement and diversity and long-term corporate performance all drive a sharper focus on positioning the company for the future. Combined with a slow-growth economy, uncertainty around trade tensions and political concerns, the year ahead will require a careful balance of near-term focus, agility, and long-term thinking.


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Drawing on insights from our conversations with board chairs, board members and company secretaries over the past twelve months, we have highlighted 8 issues that, in our opinion, boards should keep in mind as they approach and execute their 2019 agendas.

  • Take a hard look at the board's composition: Is the talent in the boardroom aligned with the company's strategy and future needs?
  • Recognise that connecting digital disruption with risk management and strategy is more important and more challenging than ever.
  • Help focus the company on long-term value creation and understand the views of all key stakeholders.
  • Make CEO succession and talent development throughout the organisation a priority.
  • Assess, monitor, and reinforce culture as a strategic asset and critical risk.
  • Refine boardroom discussions about cyber security and data privacy as risk management issues.
  • Reassess the company's crisis prevention and readiness.
  • Greater regulation will be an on-going trend.

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