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The economic impact of major sports events

The economic impact of major sports events

Analysis of Hong Kong’s 2017 major sports event calendar and outlook for the future


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Photo: Rommel Chan / Prezz Images

KPMG China, in conjunction with the Business Of Sport Network (BOSN), is pleased to provide this assessment of the economic impact of the major sports events that took place in Hong Kong in 2017.

Major sports events can play multiple roles in the development of sports in a city or country. They can provide the opportunity for local elite athletes to perform at the highest level in front of a home crowd. They can inspire increased participation in a sport and encourage participants to strive to achieve new levels of skill. The events also provide economic benefit – the subject of this report.

In preparing this report, we have assessed the economic benefit that major sports events have had on Hong Kong’s economy in 2017.

For Hong Kong to sustain its position as a global city and leading destination, it may need to enhance its reputation and diversify its economy. The development of major sports events has real potential to give Hong Kong global exposure and enhance its positioning.

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