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Mobilising and aligning talent

A lens on the Greater Bay Area

Significant opportunities


The diverse range of industries and strengths across the GBA's cities provides significant opportunities for companies that are looking to enter or build on their existing presence in China.

Mobilising and aligning talent

In order to achieve long-term success in the GBA, it will be important for companies to put the right people and organisational structures in place.

Key talent management themes

Movement of labour and skills

The increasing connectivity and integration of the GBA will lead to the freer movement of labour, and will create greater demand for training and rapid upskilling to support business activities. Developing a robust people and mobility policy to ensure compliance with local immigration and tax requirements will also be key.

Employee engagement

Developing and transforming people policies and strategies to attract and retain talent in the GBA, and creating the right opportunities for employees – with competitive remuneration a key factor – will be an important theme for both new and existing businesses in the region.

Organisation and capabilities

Companies should ensure that they are agile enough to respond and adapt to new opportunities in the region. This includes making sure the business is seen as an attractive place to work, ensuring the right capabilities and organisational structures are in place, and managing that transition. In addition, companies will need to consider how digitising and adopting advanced technologies might affect the organisational composition and skills required to manage a hybrid human-digital workforce.

The KPMG people proposition

Employee engagement and mobility

Our experienced professionals advise clients on their people policies and strategies, and on delivering programmes to enhance the employee experience across a multigenerational workforce. We apply our proven talent management insight and awareness of local market conditions to create a compelling offering and experience – with remuneration an important factor – to attract and retain employees. We also advise on developing robust mobility policies to enable organisations to be compliant with local immigration and tax requirements, while remaining agile and responsive to the needs of the business.

Organisational transformation

We define transformation programmes to enable our clients to expand in existing markets, or transition into new markets, locations and/or ways of working. We partner with clients to determine their future capabilities and organisational requirements, and tailor the strategies to respond to changing market trends and technologies. This entails aligning our globally proven approach and capabilities in the areas of change management, organisation design, talent management and workforce transition to ensure that organisations are competitive and fit for purpose.

Executive recruitment capabilities

Executive Search and Recruitment is a business unit of KPMG, with over 20 years of experience serving clients across a wide range of businesses and professions. This sets us apart from the competition, as we are able to draw on the firm’s professional expertise and deep knowledge base. We offer customised services across all aspects of the recruitment process, from advertising to executive database search and headhunting, and provide insights on the latest human resources and market developments.

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