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Innovation and technology to drive smart cities

A lens on the Greater Bay Area

Significant opportunities

Innovation and technology

The diverse range of industries and strengths across the GBA's cities provides significant opportunities for companies that are looking to enter or build on their existing presence in China.

Innovation and technology to drive smart cities

The transformation of the GBA into an innovation and technology hub remains a key priority. This presents a number of opportunities for businesses, innovators and other key stakeholders to develop and test their ideas, deepen the talent pool, connect with strategic partners, and drive innovative and digitally-driven growth.

Key innovation and technology themes

Innovation ecosystem

There is a need to create an ecosystem of innovation in the GBA to encourage the enablement of technology, new ways of thinking and greater access to data. This will involve closer collaboration between corporates, innovators and the government, effective utilisation of infrastructure and capital, and strategic talent mobility policies. In addition, this will help the region become a hub for attracting technologies that can be adopted in China, and for developing and exporting local technologies to the world.

Digital transformation

The development of the GBA into a technology and innovation hub presents an opportunity for companies to focus on optimising their digital strategy. This may include undergoing digital transformation throughout the organisation to maximise existing resources and talent, improve or automate processes, create new business opportunities and become more agile and competitive.

Smart city development

The continued integration of the GBA could help transform the region into a ‘mega smart city’ that is well-connected, digitally-focused, and facilitates the seamless movement of goods, capital and labour. In addition to enhancing the connectivity and ease of doing business in the region, this is likely to encourage innovation, attract talent and promote the sharing of information.

New Economy

The creation of an innovation hub in the region will help to nurture next-generation New Economy innovative businesses, and strengthen the region’s position as a centre to develop and test new ideas. This can be enhanced by tapping into the competitive advantages of the different cities in the region – Southern China’s advanced manufacturing, high-tech and IT capabilities, and Hong Kong’s R&D and fintech strengths, and its ability to attract international talent.

The KPMG innovation and technology proposition

Innovation ecosystem facilitator

Our understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and China business landscape, supported by our technology consulting, capital raising, compliance strategy, deal advisory and IPO experience, enables us to help innovative entrepreneurs navigate and grow in the China market. Our regional network of professionals advise strategic and sophisticated investors on technology-related investment opportunities in the GBA, as well as on overseas investments by Chinese companies. We also help connect businesses with relevant partners in the region to enable them to collaborate, innovate and drive growth in the New Economy.

Smart city advisory

We have in-depth experience in advising on matters relating to smart city development, including governance and policy, infrastructure, data analytics, financial feasibility and technology consulting.

Digital strategy and transformation

Our professionals help established businesses make transformative changes and innovate, focusing on digital transformation, business and digital strategies, data analytics, robotic process automation, process optimisation and customer experience. This offering is enhanced by KPMG’s comprehensive suite of data analytics tools and services. At the firm’s Insights Centre, our specialists collaborate with clients to extract and harness real-time data to help them develop effective and informed business strategies.

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