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Financial institutions to capitalise on cross-border...

A lens on the Greater Bay Area

Significant opportunities

cross border

The diverse range of industries and strengths across the GBA's cities provides significant opportunities for companies that are looking to enter or build on their existing presence in China.

Financial institutions to capitalise on cross-border flows

The GBA stands as a major market for financial and high-value industries. The region’s size, as well as the different stages of development among its cities, present significant opportunities for the financial services sector.

Key financial services themes

Large integrated market

The GBA as a single connected market offers investors and businesses a hub for both financing and the export of high-value goods and services. It is also likely to generate more demand for banking, insurance and financing, including the leasing of equipment and machinery for manufacturers, and green finance. This will also present significant opportunities for the professional services sector.

Asset and wealth management

The GBA is expected to create asset and wealth management opportunities for existing and new fund managers. This will generate fundraising opportunities for private equity, venture capital and other specialist capital investment groups, as well as knock-on business for asset management service companies such as trust companies, legal advisors and investment consultants. Hong Kong has also introduced a range of measures that promote the city as an asset management hub and complement its role in raising capital. In addition, the rise in wealth accumulation is leading to a greater demand for more sophisticated financial services, as well as tax and structuring advice.

Fintech development

There is expected to be closer collaboration between financial institutions and fintech firms, as banks continue to seek to digitise and adopt advanced technologies to grow and improve their product and service offerings. In particular, regulators continue to foster fintech innovation as the industry enters a new era of Smart Banking. We may also see further developments and improvements to new and existing fintech sandboxes for piloting trials of fintech products in the region.

The KPMG financial services proposition

Regional experience

KPMG has an established footprint in the region and a long history of working with some of the largest local and global banks and financial institutions. Our specialists leverage their in-depth investment, syndicated lending and legal market knowledge to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions throughout the entire investment cycle. Our experienced professionals also advise clients – ranging from start-ups and established companies to private equity firms and investment banks – on transactional support, financial risk management, tax, auditing and financial statement accounting.

Data analytics

By leveraging big data and data analytics solutions, our professionals provide detailed insights to enable local, regional and international clients to create suitable businesses strategies in the GBA.

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