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Building a solid foundation of infrastructure and re...

A lens on the Greater Bay Area

Significant opportunities


The diverse range of industries and strengths across the GBA's cities provides significant opportunities for companies that are looking to enter or build on their existing presence in China.

Building a solid foundation of infrastructure and real estate

Significant infrastructure development is a key pillar of the vision for the GBA. This is expected to generate high volumes of infrastructure and real estate development, creating plenty of investment opportunities for existing and new players in the region.

Key infrastructure and real estate themes


New transport infrastructure is expected to be a game changer for the GBA. The Express Rail Link, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Zhuhai-Macau intercity rail link will dramatically reduce travel times between major GBA cities, creating greater opportunities for commercial partnerships and trading between companies within the region. In addition, this new infrastructure is expected to lead to extensive residential and commercial real estate development across the GBA.

Quality living circle

A key focus of the GBA is the creation of a quality living circle that provides an ideal place for living, working and travelling. A big part of this objective relates to the development and enhancement of new and existing lifestyle facilities such as sports venues, recreational and community centres, arts and cultural spaces, exhibition and convention centres, theme parks, tourism attractions and hospitality projects. We expect high levels of private sector involvement in these opportunities across professional services, construction, investment, financing, operations and content provision.

Global innovation and technology hub

There are large-scale plans to establish the GBA as a global centre for innovation and technology. In terms of facilities development, an example of this is the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park. Stretching across the border between the two cities, when fully developed, the Park will provide over 350 hectares of dedicated space for start-ups, technology companies, higher education institutions and other innovation groups. If delivered effectively, this project has the potential to be a significant driver of future economic growth and commercial activity for local industries, while providing a platform for technology companies to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Changing demographics

Greater freedom of movement of people within the GBA will create new residential and commercial real estate dynamics. In particular, as talent from Hong Kong, Macau and overseas is granted greater access to Guangdong-based employment opportunities, it is expected that this will lead to higher investment in Guangdong residential accommodation, as well as increased commercial development in these cities.

The KPMG infrastructure and real estate proposition

GBA expertise and network

KPMG’s Infrastructure & Real Estate Advisory teams work with governments, investors, builders and operators across the region, and have advised on some of the most prominent projects in the GBA. In addition, our teams support clients across all facets of the asset life cycle from initial strategy, development planning, procurement, design, construction, operations, redevelopment and divestment.

Global coverage

Our network of infrastructure and real estate specialists includes more than 7,500 dedicated professionals across 110 countries and territories. This comprehensive coverage and experience enables us to identify and advise on investment opportunities for our clients across all major infrastructure and real estate sectors.

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