Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2018

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2018

Tides and trends driving the world’s infrastructure markets

Julian Vella

Global Infrastructure

KPMG in China


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Viewed against the disruption, confusion and uncertainty of the past year, it would be easy to become despondent about the future of infrastructure around the world. Yet we see great opportunity and promise emerging.

There is much to be excited about. Governments continue to demonstrate a strong desire and ambition to invest in infrastructure, both as a path to economic growth and as a way to hold back the rising tide of populism. New technologies and rapid innovation are creating new approaches, models and tools for infrastructure development and helping to bring down costs. The quest to identify new pricing and funding models offers the potential to unblock pipelines and unleash a new era of rapid development. And new perspectives on key issues such as sustainability, governance and investment are driving greater sophistication in many markets. A new dawn may be rising.

We hope that this year’s report inspires infrastructure participants to think progressively about the opportunities we face today and cautiously about the risks of tomorrow. We believe there is huge potential for great good to be unlocked. But, if we do not respond with vision and purpose, we may also be sowing the seeds of discord and division for future generations. The choice is ours.

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