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Collaborating along the Belt and Road Collaborating along the Belt and Road

Opportunities and challenges

real estate

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI or the Initiative) presents a number of opportunities and challenges to consider for local BRI governments, inbound investors and business partners.

Real estate opportunities

The BRI will create significant opportunities for development, investment, operations and service provision across the traditional real estate sectors. Groups that are early to market in exploring the opportunities and building relationships with local partners are expected to yield the greatest results.

Key real estate themes

Land value capture

Significant development and land value capture opportunities will be generated in areas of new public infrastructure development. Investors that are able to foresee infrastructure and land use planning in local markets and acquire land holdings early will reap maximum benefits.

Labour market industrialisation

The industrialisation of many low-cost BRI labour markets is expected to be a prominent feature of the Initiative, particularly in cities and provinces in close proximity to major transportation hubs.

Continued urbanisation

Urbanisation is a trend already being witnessed across many fast-growing BRI economies. Markets that can maintain consistent economic expansion are expected to experience continued urbanisation, which in turn will lead to growing demand for residential real estate and knock-on investment and development opportunities.

Tourism, entertainment and hospitality

The development of new infrastructure, improved environmental conditions, the opening up of BRI economies and greater levels of discretionary income in emerging markets are expected to increase demand for the tourism, entertainment and hospitality sectors.

The KPMG real estate proposition

Breadth of coverage

Our Hong Kong real estate, tourism and leisure sector professionals bring deep experience across the asset lifecycle. This includes expertise in asset planning, development, project management, valuation, operations, acquisition, fund raising, restructuring and divestment.

Sector insights

Our global and local networks and transactions experience enable us to identify and ensure we have access to investment opportunities for our clients across all major real estate sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, hotels, entertainment, health and education.

Global network

Our global real estate practice includes over 4,500 specialist practitioners supporting our client base of private property companies, indirect investment vehicles, occupiers and governments. The experience and coverage of our global network ensures we are well-placed to support our clients in entering and exiting investment and business opportunities along the Belt and Road.

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