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Opening new consumer markets

Collaborating along the Belt and Road

Opportunities and challenges

consumer markets

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI or the Initiative) presents a number of opportunities and challenges to consider for local BRI governments, inbound investors and business partners.

Opening new consumer markets

The Initiative is expected to create significant economic and social development opportunities for the countries along the Belt and Road, which will generate growth opportunities for new and existing brands, retailers and manufacturers in the region.

Key consumer markets themes

The growing Asian middle class

By 2030, it is forecast that two-thirds of the global middle class will be living in Asia.1 As their influence continues to grow, the preferences and buying behaviours of this group will increasingly become key factors in the investment and business decision-making processes of BRI investors.

Millennial consumers

The rapid growth of the global millennial consumer group – now a critical demographic for manufacturers, retailers and supply chains – is expected to be a major contributing factor to the economic development of many BRI countries.

The rise of e-commerce

The increasing take-up of smartphone devices represents a global trend that continues to gather pace, and is expected to have positive long-term commercial and economic impacts for BRI countries. The rise of e-commerce – spurred on by the use of smartphone technologies – is creating a larger consumer base, increasing demand and providing easier access to a wider range of goods and services.

The KPMG consumer markets proposition

Dedicated Hong Kong team

Our Hong Kong consumer markets specialists provide a comprehensive range of audit, tax and advisory services to some of the leading Hong Kong, mainland Chinese and international players in the consumer markets space. This experience positions us well to support our clients in understanding and acting on the diverse range of opportunities and challenges presented by the BRI.

Global consumer markets network

Our global network of consumer markets specialists works closely with a broad range of clients worldwide on their investments and business operations relating to consumer and retail markets along the Belt and Road.

Customer advisory

KPMG’s Customer Advisory practice comprises a global team of professionals focused on enabling clients to achieve profitable growth through improved customer experience, customer-centric thinking, Omni-Enterprise transformation, and optimising marketing, sales and service through transformation.

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