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Digital Belt and Road

Collaborating along the Belt and Road

Opportunities and challenges


The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI or the Initiative) presents a number of opportunities and challenges to consider for local BRI governments, inbound investors and business partners.

Digital Belt and Road

The ability to capitalise on state-of-the-art innovation and technology initiatives presents a leapfrog opportunity for many emerging BRI economies and companies.

Key digital themes

E-commerce and payment technology

The proliferation of digital commerce and payment technology is having a significant impact on the way business is conducted along the Belt and Road. China is at the forefront of many of these technologies, with an increasing number of companies exploring commercial opportunities in these markets. Many BRI countries are also embracing these technologies, reducing the barriers to entry in these markets.

Sourcing talent

The availability of well-developed technology talent is a big challenge for businesses. The development of the BRI helps companies address this issue, allowing the freer movement of labour and greater access to skills. This is particularly important for fostering innovation, as human capital is the key driver.

Big data and smart cities

China’s large population and its attitude towards information and data make it an ideal country for generating and harnessing big data. China’s use of data with respect to urban planning, smart city development and other municipal initiatives stands as a model for other BRI countries to follow.

Ecosystem development

The creation of value through the integration of technologies is a major global trend that will become increasingly prevalent along the Belt and Road. This integration includes the traditional enablement of technology, and new methods including APIs and other ways of making data more easily accessible to other companies or parties.

The KPMG innovation and technology proposition

Data analytics

KPMG provides a comprehensive suite of data analytics tools and services. At the firm’s Insights Centre – an executive digital workspace in Hong Kong – our specialists collaborate with clients to extract and harness real-time data to help them develop effective and informed business strategies. By visualising and combining regional macroeconomic and microeconomic trends with our clients’ data, our professionals work closely with our member firms in the region to identify business opportunities for clients along the Belt and Road.

Technology-related retail and e-commerce advice

Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive technology-related advice to our clients engaged in the e-commerce and retail industries, and have helped several major companies launch in China and other key markets. This expertise and advice includes everything from the development to the execution of strategies – identifying suitable technology partners, and helping to both build and implement systems and platforms.

Ecosystem integrator

Our team acts as an ecosystem integrator for BRI projects, connecting businesses with relevant partners in the market. Our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to advise and partner with a broad range of clients, ranging from innovative start-ups focused on niche technology, to major companies with more established platforms and solutions along the Belt and Road.

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