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Basel 4: The way ahead

Basel 4: The way ahead

In December 2017, the Basel 4 standards were finalised.


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KPMG’s EMA FS Risk & Regulatory Insight Centre and ECB Office are pleased toannounce the launch of our ‘Basel 4: The way ahead’ series. With six individual articlesconsidering the implications for banks of the different elements of Basel 4, the seriesassesses the full impact of the final rules.

The Basel Committee published in December 2017 a revised set of minimum standards forthe capital treatment of credit risk, operational risk and credit valuation adjustment risk, andfor a new output floor to limit the extent to which banks will be able to use internal models forcredit and market risk to drive down capital requirements.

Leveraging the insights from across our global network, we have published a series ofarticles to analyse each of these elements in detail.

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