Transforming the in-house tax function in China through technology - A practical guide to 2020

Transforming the in-house tax function in China thr...

This forward looking 8 part publication will equip tax and finance managers with tools and knowledge to deploy technology to manage their tax function



Lachlan Wolfers

Leader of Legal / Head of Global Indirect Tax Services, KPMG International

KPMG in China


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An Australian journalist recently described the world as being “in a moment between techno-rapture and techno-panic”. This is the idea we are both excited and fearful of what the future may hold for us in a world where technological developments are on the precipice of a revolution increasingly being referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. The onset of this revolution has left many tax and finance managers feeling anxious that they may be left behind and uncertain of where to start. Indeed, the term “disruption”, which is so commonly bandied about to describe the effect of this revolution, evokes images more associated with fear than with education and opportunity.

Our goal with this publication, which will be released over the course of 8 days, is to provide tax and finance managers with a framework through which they can engage, to learn the basics, and then begin the journey which will enable them to embrace the benefits of using technology in managing their tax function.

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7 February 2018

By now, you should be ready to begin your tax technology journey, supercharged with a framework through which to put your ideas and plans into action, some pointers and tips on what to do and what not to do. Now all that is left to do is to consult our handy 10 point guide.

6 February 2018

This article takes a glance into the future to better understand some new and emerging technologies, and how these can help the tax function of the future. We group a vast array of new and emerging technologies into two main categories – intelligent automation technologies and distributed ledger technology (commonly referred to as ‘blockchain’). 

5 February 2018

In part 6 in this series, we focus on the importance of ensuring that the technology properly works in China. This is particularly relevant for multinational companies, to ensure they troubleshoot issues before deploying any tax technology solutions to serve your business needs in China.

2 February 2018

In this article, we look at how should you do it? That is, how should you prioritise between different types of technology solutions, and how should you build a business case to do this?

1 February 2018

We continue our journey to embrace technology and explore our next topic – Who should help you to do it? What people or resources will you need?

31 January 2018

We continue our journey and explore our next topic - What should you do? That is, what types of tax technology should you deploy in your organisation?

30 January 2018

We begin our journey properly by focusing on the most basic of all questions - Why would you do it? In other words, why would you wish to transform your in-house tax function by embracing technology?

29 January 2018

This article explores many of the common problems organisations encounter in managing their tax functions, and shares some secrets with you about tax technology to help you to begin your journey.

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