Unlocking the value of D&A in the mining industry

Unlocking the value of D&A in the mining industry

The report explores the importance of D&A in the mining industry, the challenges, and the value it can add to the mining industry


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Data & analytics (D&A) increasingly shapes our world. The use of advanced analytics is enabling better and faster business decisions, which is driving companies across all sectors to rapidly invest in analytics technology and capability. Mining companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of the data generated by information and operational technology (OT) systems to ensure the success and improvement of their day-to-day operations. 

In order to gain a competitive advantage, mining companies are becoming more inclined to utilise D&A to unlock value for their organisations. D&A can provide a number of benefits to the mining sector: 

  • Help assess risks and focus resources
  • Provide greater insights into mining operations
  • Provide information about operational expenses for more accurate budgeting and forecasting. 

Utilising the data generated by OT systems (vs traditional, structured data in information technology systems, such as ERPs), mining companies can make more informed decisions about their entire operations. With the environmental, safety and health challenges that face the mining industry, there is an increasing demand to perform more predictive and prescriptive analytics to enable these companies to reduce costs, raise productivity and enhance revenue.

This report looks at the evolution of D&A and trends, what mining companies are doing in D&A, their challenges and expectations, and how D&A can be enhanced in the mining industry.


Report available in Chinese only

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