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Connecting the dots: A proactive approach to cybersecurity oversight in the boardroom

A proactive approach to cyber security

Cyber attacks and data leakage are daily threats to organisations globally, reminding us that we are all potential targets of this type of threat. Attorneys are discussing the potential risk of individual liability for corporate directors who do not take appropriate responsibility for oversight of cybersecurity.


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Connecting the dots

The process for closing that gap should not be a mystery. Taking a proactive approach to improving cybersecurity governance - the dots between IT and the business, and providing the board with the information it needs - can help position the company and the board to more selectively address the evolving threat and implications of a major cybersecurity breach.

Key insights

  • Potential impacts and possible implications for the board
  • Action steps for implementing a cybersecurity governance plan
  • Closing the loop with three key questions

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