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2015 Global Trade Management Survey

2015 Global Trade Management Survey

The 2015 Global Trade Management Survey is a combined effort of Thomson Reuters and KPMG's Global Trade & Customs practice who, together, have surveyed hundreds of global trade specialists around the world to develop and present the findings of an extensive study on the state of global trade today.


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KPMG and Thomson Reuters have jointly conducted a survey on global trade practices.  446 global trade professionals at companies from 11 countries across Asia, Latin America, and the United States have participated in the investigation on global trade related aspects.  The key aspects of the Survey included tariff classification, customs valuation and free trade agreements, global trade management system and system integration.  Key leanings of the Survey revealed that FTAs are underutilized, classification is an internal challenge, manual processes monopolize time.  As a conclusion, GTM technology offers untapped upside, and systems integration is a priority.   The increasing complexity of global trade has sufficiently enabled GTM technology to streamline how goods and services move around the globe.  KPMG and Thomson Reuters are together making full use of their respective advantages in solution implementation, providing tailored services to their customers.

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