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Global China Practice Introduction: Your partner on the road ahead

Global China Practice Introduction: Your partner ...

In a complex market filled with constant change, Chinese enterprises are highly ambitious, and are now more concerned about core competitiveness than just high returns and high growth. They are also seeking a sustainable mode of development by transforming their growth model.


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Global China Practice Introduction

Many major Chinese enterprises pursue strategic transformation by inbound and outbound investments to exploit and absorb advanced foreign technologies and management expertise, and by consolidating their supply chains as well as market and brand resources. In reality, many companies face numerous challenges in terms of information availability, managing increasingly complex international operations and overcoming cultural differences. KPMG has set up the Global China Practice (GCP) to assist clients in addressing the above challenges. GCP has a dedicated team of senior management and staff in Beijing, and it has also set up nearly 60 China Practices at various levels around the world, in locations that are major sources of or destinations for China investments. This platform brings together professionals, expertise, insights and experience across the KPMG global network to assist enterprises in bridging information gaps and cultural differences through working with our partners around the world. We aim to enhance the success rate of Chinese enterprises expanding in overseas markets, and the effectiveness and profitability of foreign investments in China.

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