The Connected Cities Conference

Friday, 9 September 2022

Friday, 9 September 2022



The StartmeupHK Festival 2022 will be returning from 5 - 10 September this year and is going virtual! It’s time to celebrate the best of tech innovation virtually. Join our Connected Cities Conference on Friday, 9 September during the Festival and learn more about how smart and connected cities around the world are using the latest technologies and finding more innovative solutions for smarter, greener city living.

We will feature global and regional speakers from corporates, startups and the academia world to showcase a number of smart technologies including IoT, blockchain AI and data analytics to enhance a city’s liveability, workability and sustainability.

Agenda and more info coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Past Events Highlights

The Connected Cities Conference 2021 Highlights

  • 3,000+ registrations from 45 countries of virtual delegates at the Connected Cities Conference
  • 110+ speakers and panellists discussed the future of Smart Cities from around the world to showcase their cities including government bodies, corporates, leading entrepreneurs and technology companies
  • Speaker representations from Australia, mainland China, France, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA and many more
  • 100+ startups showcased areas covering a number of smart city & community related start-ups as well as 36 pitching sessions hosted at the conference’s CoCoon lounge
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The Connected Cities Conference 2021

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