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Exploring GBA Cities Series: Innovation in GDFTZ – Nansha, Qianhai and Hengqin

Webinar organiser: The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Webinar organiser: The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

11:00 - 12:15, 10 March 2021

The Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone (GDFTZ) includes three areas: the Nansha area of Guangzhou, the Qianhai and Shekou districts in Shenzhen, and Hengqin island in Zhuhai.

Since the GDFTZ was launched six years ago, the areas have made progress in the development of institutional innovation, financial services and cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao. The three FTZs continue to carry out new reforms and opening up measures to help build the Greater Bay Area (GBA) into a model for high-quality development.

At this webinar, KPMG's Bin Yang and Daniel Hui will examine the business environment of the three FTZs, including the positioning and strategic priorities of each zone, the tax and financial incentives available for businesses, and the potential opportunities and challenges in each zone.

Their presentation will be followed by an interactive panel discussion with Yvonne Wong, General Manager of Qianhai International Liaison Services Limited, and Duncan Chiu, Chief Representative, Hengqin FTZ (Hong Kong) Representative Office to elucidate the roles that the FTZs play in the development of the GBA, and how Hong Kong businesses can tap into the related opportunities.

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