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2021 KPMG Virtual Tax & Legal Summit – Asia Pacific region

Webinar: 2 – 4 February 2021

Webinar: 2 – 4 February 2021

2 – 4 February 2021

As we look to 2021 with growing optimism, the KPMG Virtual Tax & Legal Summit for the Asia Pacific region will explore emerging tax and legal considerations, unpack some of the challenges facing businesses in the post-COVID era, and consider the bright spots and opportunities for tax leaders and their teams as we emerge from this period.

This Summit will include:

  • Perspectives and predictions for the economy around the world in 2021 and beyond.
  • Examination and discussion of the key tax issues arising in the new reality for businesses, including consideration of developing business, operating and workforce models.
  • An update on developments from the OECD, including progress on the work on the digital economy (BEPS 2.0), tax transparency, and tax certainty.
  • Views from local tax authority representatives in terms of why the pandemic has changed the relationship between businesses and tax authorities in the past year, and how an accelerated shift to digital will further shape interactions.
  • A look at how tax departments are transforming in this environment, including case study stories from tax leaders as to how some key technologies are making a difference.

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For queries, please email Phoebe Tsang or call her at +852 3927 5624.

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