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Building a smarter digital city with AI and machine learning

Webinar organiser: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong

Webinar organiser: French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong

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12:30 - 13:30, 8 December 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning may be buzzwords to many but their applications and implementations are in fact everywhere in our city. From our smart devices to recommendations on streaming platforms to infrastructure around us, AI is the force behind our modern ways of living and working.

Hear from KPMG and Google on the latest white paper Smarter Digital City - AI for Everyone whitepaper about the benefits and barriers for AI among Hong Kong businesses during the city's recovery post COVID-19, and how SMEs in particular can benefit from the implementation of AI.

Against the backdrop of a heavily disrupted 2020, we will hear from James O'Callaghan, Partner at KPMG Hong Kong, alongside Timothy Tam, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, and Lucy Werner, Head of Cloud, both from Google Hong Kong. They will asses how AI is helping businesses mitigate risks, improve efficiency, enhance products and services, and deliver experiences that align with changing customer requirements in these turbulent times.

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For enquiries, please contact Noiz Chu at +852 2140 2329.

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