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KPMG Annual Customs roadshow in 2018

In-depth discussion of the key customs developments in China in 2017 and predict the major development trends of customs in China in 2018

10 April 2018 - 25 April 2018, 14:00 - 12:00, CST

In 2017, China Customs continued to focus on comprehensive and multi-level reforms and innovations with multiple perspectives. It is also a year saw significant changes in the law enforcement environment for Chinese government. The reform of customs clearance integration has transformed the law enforcement patterns and customs clearance process. The implementation of the revised “Customs Audit Regulations” has brought opportunities and challenges to the enterprises. Meanwhile, the interaction of transfer pricing and customs valuation has attracted more and more attention of World Customs Organization and China Customs. The trials of processing trade reform and the integration of domestic and foreign trade in special customs zones has also presented enterprises with more and more possibilities of expanding business modes. In addition, subsequent adjustments and arrangements of royalties and various non-trade payment of foreign exchange will pose new problems to relevant enterprises.

In 2018, China Customs will continue to push forward reforms and innovations, with the keys of reform including continuing boosting the reform of customs clearance integration, the implementation of policy of Advance Rulings and the information-based and electronic customs management. In addition, “the 19th National Congress” also points out the development trend of Chinese economy and the enterprises will be increasingly affected by the better law enforcement environment when they conduct business activities. With the progressive implementation of “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, enterprises will also face new opportunities due to various policies of tax reduction and exemption, and changes in the export environment.

Topics such as the reform and innovation of the customs system, changes in policies and law enforcement environment, also deserve the attention and expectation of the enterprises. In view of this, KPMG professionals hope to take this opportunity to hold the annual seminar for the third year to conduct in-depth discussion of the key customs developments in China in 2017 and predict the major development trends of customs in China in 2018.


In this seminar, KPMG professionals will discuss the following topics with you:

Opportunities and challenges of the customs reforms in 2017

  • Review of the overall situations in import and export in 2017
  • Customs Clearance Integration: Enterprises will face new challenges and transformation in customs management with the overall acceleration of customs clearance reform
  • Reform of bonded business: Regulation reform of processing trade by taking enterprises as units and trials of the integration of domestic and foreign trade in special regions

Key focus business areas

  • Customs valuation: Latest development and case studies of customs valuation and transfer pricing
  • Customs audit: Self disclosure mechanism and compliance arrangements after paying tax in customs royalties audit
  • HS Code Classification: The Revised Tariff Annotations (Edition 2017), classification ruling in pilot FTZ, system of classification by following precedents
  • Administration of tax reduction and exemption: To update investment directory and shorten customs supervision period.
  • AOE certification administration: To improve the customs credit rating and contribute to the healthy development of enterprises
  • Free Trade Agreement and “Belt and Road” ODI: Considerations of customs in the arrangements of cross-border supply chains
  • Customs IT solutions: Effective methods to improve the levels of customs self-management

Policy outlook in 2018

  • Introduction to the ‘Tariff Adjustment Proposal Survey’ in 2018
  • Administrative Measures on Advance Rulings of Customs and its implementation
  • Introduction to the Regulations on Export Control in China


Introduction to KPMG Trade and Customs Team

Currently, Trade and Customs Team in KPMG China consists of more than 60 professionals, including former customs officials or customs professionals. All team members have participated in major customs projects to provide customers with consulting services including customs health check, HS Code classification, import and export prices, country of origin, processing trade management, and services of export control, customs audit, anti-smuggling assistance and so on. They also have rich industry knowledge and experience of cross-border trade and manufacturing industry.


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