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Life sciences innovation and cyber security: Inseparable

Webcast brought to you by KPMG Global Life Sciences

7 March 2018, 14:00 - 15:00, CST

Data sharing and analysis is believed by many to be the key to innovation in life sciences:

  • Diseases can be treated and even cured more expeditiously when researchers are able to search peer-reviewed studies worldwide using cognitive computing
  • Clinical trials can be seamless and less expensive if research is transmitted via the Cloud
  • Pharmaceutical companies can specialise and gain competitive advantage by strategically merging with targeted partners
  • Patient outcomes can improve through innovative medical devices that allow doctors to monitor medication adherence and vital signs.

Digital innovations such as these are poised to take the life sciences industry into the future. However, it is crucial for organisations to remember that, for all the opportunities these technologies offer, they also come with significant cyber security and privacy risks.

Caroline Rivett, Life Sciences Global Cyber Security Leader, and Stan Gallo, Australian leader for Forensic Technology and Cyber Incident Response Services will share their insights on the digitisation journey across the life sciences industry, the rise of cyber security incidents in the ASPAC region and how life sciences companies are responding and evolving to mitigate these risks in their organisation.

This webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the life sciences sector. 

The webcast will last about 60 minutes (inclusive of a Q&A session towards the end).


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Date Wednesday 7 March 2018
Time 2:00pm - 3:00pm  (China Standard Time)
Location Online – Webcast
Language English

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