2017 Future Forum Annual Conference | KPMG | CN
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2017 Future Forum Annual Conference & The Inaugural Future Science Prize Award Ceremony

China World Summit Wing, Beijing

14 January 2017 - 15 January 2017, 12:00 - 19:15, CST

KPMG is the Strategic Partner of China's Future Forum

The conference will gather many leading international scientists and leaders in areas including economics, education, arts and politics to participate in a cross-border feast for thought with profound predictions for the future.

KPMG is the “Designated Supervisory Firm” for The Inaugural Future Science Prize Award. In this role, KPMG will be supervising the voting process and checking the results for the Prize Award.


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14 January Future Industry
12:00 – 13:00 Registration
13:00 – 14:50 Session 1: Future Communication
13:00 – 14:20 Session 2: Future Intelligence
14:35 – 15:50 Session 3: Future Transit
15:05 – 16:25 Session 4: Future Health —— Innovation for Every Lives
16:10 – 18:00 Roundtable Future Industrial Convergence —— The Next Tornado in the Making
18:10 – 19:30 Welcome Dinner (By Invitation)
15 January Future Thought
7:30 – 08:15 Breakfast with THE Scientists (By Invitation only)
7:30 – 09:00 Registration
9:00 – 09:10 Opening Ceremony
9:10 – 10:45

Chapter 1: Innovative Education

Education, in addition to imparting knowledge, also enlightens innovation. Innovation is the foundation for progress, and education informs innovation. On the eve of the fourth scientific revolution, it is imperative for the global education system to improve education’s efficacy and reach, using systematic change to remodel our educational institutions.

10:45 – 12:25

Chapter 2: The Technology Revolution’s New Order and Logic

Start-ups undoubtedly play a leading role in the unprecedented global blossoming in entrepreneurship the world has witnessed in recent years. The innovation has been driven largely by the advent of the internet, and sustained an IT-based “software innovation rush”; a renaissance in “hardware innovation” is now on the rise. These innovation blossoming will change the way we learn, we think, live, and create. How should humanity best utilize this revolution in innovation and progress?

12:25 – 13:00 Press Conference —— The Future Science Prize (By Invitation)
13:20 – 13:56

Chapter 3: Mission of Young Leaders

Human life has been improved constantly as machinery freed human from repetitive work and human society has witnessed leaps of technological innovation ever since. Modern life is integrated and interwoven comprehensively and profoundly with technological development, thanks to the influences and contributions of the leaders of the industry. The technology that will change the future, too, will be stemmed from the leaders today.

14:00 – 15:00

Chapter 4: The Future of Humanity: Humans, Robots and Gods

An explosion in artificial intelligence has taken place in recent years. Due to the increasing proliferation of AI in different areas of society, more people have started to think about the future with robots. In this chapter, we'll discuss about the relationship between humans and machine intelligence, and visions of the future from the perspectives of science, technology and humanity. Will technology become the new Dominus Deus and help human achieve self-transcendence; or lead human to self-destruction instead? How will science and humanity unify?

15:00 – 17:20 Chapter 5: Future Science
Part A: Dialogue with Future Science Prize —— Physical Science Prize Laureate
Part B: Dialogue with Future Science Prize —— Life Science Prize Laureate
17:20 – 17:50 Tea Break
Future Prize
17:50 – 18:00 Opening Ceremony of Awards Ceremony of Future Science Prize 2016
18:00 – 19:10 Awards Ceremony of Future Science Prize 2016 and Launching Ceremony of Future Science Prize “Mathematics and Computer Science”



Dress code: Business Formal Attire; Seat Number will be assigned when the ticket is reserved, so please be seated according to your seat number.

Fore more details and registration, please visit Future Forum website.