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Precision Medicine + Artificial Intelligence: The Best of Times for Mankind Is Coming

3rd Floor, Audirorium, New York University Shanghai, 1555 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai

10 September 2016, 13:30 - 18:30, CST

As a Strategic Partner of China’s Future Forum, we are delighted to invite you to the 20th Future Science Lecture co-organised with Future Forum, to be held in Shanghai. After 19 sessions in Beijing, this will be the first lecture held in Shanghai and the first in the series where keynote speeches will be delivered in English – and the first session to innovatively combine two distinct yet relevant themes. 


Now is arguably the best of times for humankind: precision medicine enables us to live longer and healthier and artificial intelligence (AI) can address some of humanity’s greatest challenges. 


Decades of investment in fundamental science are now bearing fruit. Immunotherapy for cancer is a reality after more than 50 years of painstaking research. These new therapies offer the prospect of cure for many of the most deadly diseases. Advances in immunotherapy follow equally impressive progress in what is called precision medicine – using drugs to target specific mutations that cause tumours. These two new treatments, along with more traditional forms of cancer treatment such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, will extend the lives of millions of people over the coming years. There is now hope all cancers can be effectively treated. 


At the same time, advances in artificial neural networks and the advent of deep machine learning are progressing AI from science fiction to science fact. In beating Lee Sedol, the world’s second-best player of the ancient game of Go, Google’s AlphaGo program cracked one of the longest standing and most difficult challenges in AI, confounding the expectations of even the most optimistic experts. Machines like this that don’t just compute but learn are already transforming the way in which we diagnose disease by distinguishing minute differences in medical images of tissues of tens of thousands of patients. They will also improve the efficiency of electricity grids, phone systems and transport networks. And they will bring new insights into the natural world itself by helping scientists to sift.  


The 20th Future Science Lecture will feature the topics of precision medicine and AI. We have invited experts from overseas and China to join our dialogue.



First Half: Precision Medicine 
13:30-14:00  Registration  
14:00-14:05 Opening
Mr. Richard Zhang
Senior Partner and Head of Greater China, Apax Partners
14:05-14:10  Mr. Jeffrey Lehman
Vice chancellor of NYU Shanghai
14:10-14:40 Keynote Speech Dr. William A Haseltine
Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International
The Science of Self-healing: Regenerative Medicine and Immunotherapy 
14:40-15:30 Panel

Jenny Yao
Head of Healthcare, KPMG China

Dr. Eric Chen
Co-founder and CEO of Team Curis Group

Dr. William A. Haseltine
Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International

Ms. Mariette DiChristina
Editor-in-Chief of Scientific American

Dr. Xian-Ping Lu
Co-Founder, board member, CEO and CSO of Chipscreen Biosciences

Dr. Xiaochun Xu
Director, IMM PKU-Boyalife Translational Medicine Center

15:30-16:00 Q&A  
16:00-16:30 Coffee
Second Half: Artificial Intelligence  
16:30-16:50 Keynote
Dr. WangFeiyue
State Specially Appointed Expert & Director, the State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems
16:50-17:10  Dr. Yu Kai
Founder & CEO, Horizon Robotics
17:10-17:30 Dr. Gordon Gao
Partner of Fangda Partners
A Lawyer’s Wish for AI
17:30-18:10 Panel

Dr. Philip Campbell
Editor-in-Chief of Natue

Dr. WangFeiyue
State Specially Appointed Expert & Director, the State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems

Dr. Yu Kai
Founder & CEO, Horizon Robotics

Dr. William A. Haseltine
Chairman and President of ACCESS Health International

Dr. Gordon Gao
Partner of Fangda Partners

18:10-18:30 Q&A  


If you are interested in joining either or both sessions, please email to for registration. Or please contact Ms. Arita Zhang for any question.


Bus line to the venue: Subway line 2, Century Avenue Station, No.6 Exit


We look forward to welcoming you at the lecture!


*About Future Science Lectures

Future Science Lectures are a monthly event open to the public, where scientists are invited to share their insights and vision and have dialogue with industrial experts and entrepreneurs, to spread and inspire the scientific spirit. The Lectures are diverse in form and rich in content, covering materials physics, quantum physics, chemistry, mathematics, life science, medicine, technology, social science, humanities, etc.



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