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The new tax paradigm – Time to act

2016 KPMG Asia Pacific Tax Summit

9 May 2016 - 12 May 2016, 9:00 - 17:00, CST

For tax directors everywhere, the tax paradigm is changing fast – tax is now, more than ever, a subject of significant interest beyond the tax and finance functions. The interests of the stakeholder base has widened considerably to include Boards, Audit Committees, CEOs and key players outside the corporate world such as; Governments, politicians, media, NGOs and of course, the public through the increasing role of social media.

The far-reaching international tax changes affect all companies that operate on a cross-border basis. This necessitates new ways of thinking and reinventing approaches to tax strategies, tax governance, communication, reporting, processes and nature of tax leadership. Many of the new changes cut across well-established global tax principles. Over the last few years the focus has been on ideas and possible solutions to tackling the perceived imbalances in the global tax arena. We have seen many reports, discussion documents and proposals for change. As we move through 2016, the focus has now shifted to implementing the changes at all levels, including Governments enacting new laws while Tax Authorities and businesses develop systems and processes to actualize these new rules in practice.

The 2016 KPMG Asia Pacific Tax Summit focuses on ideas and solutions designed to support businesses to effectively and efficiently implement the significant changes. The Summit will provide a great opportunity to hear from leading officials, corporate tax directors and KPMG subject matter experts on the most up to developments in international tax with a key focus on strategies on how best to implement the far-reaching myriad of changes facing businesses. We are past the policy discussion phase - it is now time to act!

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