Terry Chu

Terry Chu

Head of Quality and Risk Management, KPMG China

KPMG in China

Terry joined KPMG Hong Kong office in 1988, was admitted to the partnership in 2000 and was transferred to KPMG Beijing office in 2009. He has been with the China firm for 30 years. He spent a lot of time on audit, due diligence review and initial public offering (“IPO”) assignments of PRC related clients and audit of listed companies. He has extensive experience in the audit of companies in Hong Kong and the PRC in the electric power, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. He has 20 years experience in serving PRC major power groups.

Terry also has extensive experience in the IPO audit of China state-owned enterprises. He participated in the IPO audit of leading energy and telecommunications companies in China from 1994 to 2012. He acted as the lead audit engagement partner for a number of those HK IPO audits. He also took the lead audit engagement partner role of several listed companies which are dual listed in Hong Kong and the US.

After he was transferred to Beijing office in 2009, he then took up as the Head of Audit of an audit group in 2010 and upon the restructuring of the audit function in 2014, he became the Head of Audit, Northern Corporate Audit Group up to September 2015. In this role, he had frequent discussions with partners on the technical accounting and audit issues in respect of both SOEs and POEs and made decisions on client and engagement evaluation and acceptance.

As Terry possesses extensive experience in the Power and Utilities sector, he was the P&U sector head up to 2011. From 2011, he became the Head of Energy and Natural Resources and up to March 2016. From April 2016, he took up the role of Head of Quality and Risk Management for KPMG China.

Areas of expertise
Energy and Natural Resources Enterprise IPO Readiness Industrial Manufacturing Telecommunications
Education and qualifications
  • Professional Diploma in Accountancy, The University of Hong Kong Polytechnics, Hong Kong, China

  • Member of HKICPA

  • Member of ACCA

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