Your Well Being

Your Well Being

At KPMG, we value the commitment of our employees and the diligence and effort put into our clients and the public.

We value the commitment of our employees and the diligence put into our clients.

Your Well Being

Work-life balance - the best of both worlds with KPMG

At KPMG, we value the commitment of our employees and the diligence and effort put into our clients and the public. At the same time, we recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We have a structured and comprehensive initiative in place called our myLife programme, it is divided into the following categories.

  1. Relax (Fun interest groups and workshops)
  2. Perks (Staff discounts for holiday and travel, shopping and dining)
  3. Wellness (Sporting events, wellbeing, health and nutrition) 
  4. Support (Providing colleagues tips and guidance for handling workplace emotions and work-life balance)

This initiative includes a wide range of activities, workshops and seminars to support our diverse workforce who are young and energetic, who come from different cultures and backgrounds. We aim to create an inclusive workplace and to help them develop a hobby, eat healthily, beat the challenges as working parents, as well as spending quality time with family, in order to find a balance in their professional and personal lives. 

You can take part in our business, dining etiquette workshops, wine appreciation classes, cooking classes or perhaps you would like to join us for a 'Happy Friday!' movie night at the cinema. Our Family Fun Days are also great, bringing our teams and their families together. We have also negotiated excellent deals with local fitness and yoga centres so that our people can easily stay fit and healthy.

Salary and benefits

We offer a highly competitive salary, benchmarked against other market players, which is reviewed annually and takes into account your experience and work performance. In addition, our people are also eligible for a discretionary annual bonus. Also, once you've passed your professional examinations, we'll pay you a qualification premium.

Leave and medical costs

We offer a generous leave entitlement package, which includes: Study leave - to help you prepare for and pass your professional examinations. Overtime - which may be paid directly, or saved in a leave bank and used for extra study leave or taken as additional holiday time. The choice is yours. Medical costs - will be met by KPMG when they are incurred after consultation at one of our recommended facilities.

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