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About Interns

About Interns

Where will the future take you?

Where will the future take you?

Where will the future take you?

Internships are a great way to get an understanding of the world of work as they enable you to gain valuable working experience and attain professional training during your academic study, put you one step ahead of the rest. This real industry knowledge also helps you to identify what you want, so that you can get a better idea of how to map your career path.


How will I benefit from an internship? 

KPMG’s internship programme is organised to ensure that every student who joins us can gain intensive on-the-job experience during the period and get a real understanding of the industry. Interns will learn important professional skills and have the opportunity to determine what kind of work area suits them best. Necessary training courses will be provided before assigning our interns to an engagement. We will assign each intern a buddy who will answer any questions and explain how things work around the office. As an intern you are also assigned a mentor who will guide your career and provide feedback on your skills, learning and development.


The internship structure
In KPMG China, there are winter internships and summer internships open to you.


Application period

Internship period

Internship duration

Winter internship

September - November

January - February

4 - 8 weeks
(subject to business needs)

Summer internship

March - May

July - August

4 - 8 weeks
(subject to business needs)

Apply now for KPMG's 2019 winter internship

We are now accepting online applications for our 2019 winter internship programme. If you are graduating in 2020 and will be available full time in January or February 2019, this is a great opportunity for you to join us as an intern.

Apply here!

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