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Who is Eligible?

Who is Eligible?

We are looking for talented students.

We are looking for talented students.

Who is Eligible

We are looking for talented students who:

  • Are ambitious, proactive and highly motivated.
  • Have a strong desire to pursue a career in the accounting / tax industry after graduation.
  • Have proven academic performance.
  • Can manage both their university studies and internship responsibilities.


Who is eligible?

  • Full time university students (expected graduation year: 2022).
  • Students from all disciplines are welcome.
  • Openings available: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.


How to apply?

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Complete KPMG aptitude tests and attend group discussion
  3. Attend KPMG professional training
  4. Those candidates who successfully meet our requirements will be offered a place on the KPMG Elite programme


Got questions?

For more information, please contact us.



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