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Listen to the feedback from our trainee consultants and what they have achieved so far on their journey in Advisory world with KPMG.

Listen to the feedback from our trainee consultants and what they have achieved so far.

Throughout the five months with Financial Risk Management team, I have finished my first engagement which provided me with a clearer picture of consultants’ responsibilities. I am now participating in more engagements and looking forward for different challenges ahead. The team and peers here at KPMG are super friendly and supportive and they make KPMG a ‘family’! Special thanks to my performance manager, Richard, who is always here to give me guidance and advices. I really spent a great time with all the talented colleagues here and learned a lot from them.

Chris U
Financial Risk Management

It has been an amazing journey here in KPMG Advisory. There are many challenging tasks ranging from participating and contributing ideas in meetings, problem solving, drafting professional business reports to giving presentations to clients. As long as you are up for challenges and know how to grasp opportunities when came across one. This is a great place to be practicing what you have learned in university and be exposed to the business world. I have met many amazing people here from diverse background - peers & colleagues I can receive support from, and reputable and experienced professionals I can look up to. Serving clients including leading bank, insurance company, NGO, commercial, for the past months here in KPMG I achieved rapid personal growth and built a lot of new networks. Highly recommend this programme!

Enoch Gan
Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

I am doing good (and still surviving 😊) and feel so fruitful. I am contributing in six engagements simultaneously, and am involved in both technical side and compliance side. Apart from work itself, my Associate Director also invited me to join their dragon boat team training. This is the first time I tried dragon boat racing and it is an invaluable experience to play sports with colleagues across departments!

Edward Ng
Technology Consulting

Advisory Student Placement Programme

My experience here at Governance, Risk and Compliance Services has exposed me to the regulatory landscape of Hong Kong. The engagements that I have worked on are very diverse and interesting. By working with different clients, I have hugely widened my horizon. What’s great about this Programme is that you get to obtain first-hand experience of what consultants actually do on a daily basis. Work aside, I have received loads of encouragement and help from all my seniors who are patient and absolutely approachable. I have also bonded with my fellow placements with whom I’ve shared a lot of fun and chill nights together. Overall speaking, my experience so far has been amazing.

Christy Ying
Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Applying for the Advisory Student Placement Programme is a decision I will never regret! It is the best student programme you could ever ask for, with hands-on responsibilities, all-round experience and many interesting activities. Most importantly, you get to bond with a group of batchmates along the journey. I genuinely enjoy my time here at KPMG and I believe you will too.

Natalie Lui
Technology Consulting