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2017 China Leading Auto Tech 50

2017 China Leading Auto Tech 50

Overview of China’s leading automotive technology companies

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As disruption sweeps through the global auto industry, automakers in China are under increasing pressure to innovate and transform their businesses in order to remain competitive.

The rise of new technologies is driving this innovation and transformation. Advancements in intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) technologies, for example, are reshaping the industry’s competitive landscape. Similarly, new business models such as ride sharing are redefining industry conventions, as next generation automobiles are increasingly becoming content and service carriers in addition to being a means of transportation.

 Against this backdrop, KPMG China has launched the 2017 China Leading Auto Tech 50, which aims to highlight the achievements of the industry’s top participants. It also seeks to promote the further development of China’s automotive technology sector and support the growth of innovative start-ups.

The selected companies are mostly Chinese start-ups involved in ICV, automotive aftermarket, ride-sharing and the next-generation vehicle segment. Companies were selected based on a comprehensive process involving online evaluations, interviews, and reviews by a select group of industry experts.

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