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2017 Leading AutoTech 50

2017 Leading AutoTech 50

AutoTech: Driving innovation and future

AutoTech: Driving innovation and future

KPMG supports the growth of leading AutoTech companies

As a leading global professional service firm, KPMG is committed to support the advancement of the technology industry. We noted that technology development has led to rapid evolvement in model innovations and technology innovations.

To promote the convergence of automotive and technology sectors, KPMG China launches the AutoTech 50. AutoTech 50 targets companies with high-growth potential focusing on intelligence, connectivity, after-sales market, and mobility in the AutoTech areas. Through a combination of online evaluation models and specialists throughout the process, we shall select and support the growth of high potential AutoTech companies.


Review committee members

Our review committee consists of KPMG partners and industry specialists, senior executives from leading automakers and specialists in scientific research institutes etc.


Review schedule and arrangement

Applications for the leading AutoTech 50 shall begin in July. Interviews, screenings and preliminary reviews will be conducted from July to early September. The review committee will then start the evaluation process afterwards and results shall be announced in October 2017.


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