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KPMG Insights Centre

KPMG Insights Centre

KPMG Insights Centre

What is the Insights Centre?

An executive digital workspace with data and analytics at the core

In our 2014 KPMG International Data and Analytics Survey, we found that 72% of the companies interviewed plan on spending more than 6% of their sales revenue on data and analytics in the next 2 years. However, 74% of those executives who responded found it difficult to make decisions around analysing data.

Executives recognise that there is huge potential in analytics but need an approach that will bring the opportunities from data and analytics to life for their business – 'exploring the art of the possible'.

KPMG has created the Insights Centre, located in our Prince's Building office in Central, in order to make this work; a next generation working environment that allows our clients to collaborate with us and see their data and analytics solutions come to life. 


Why would a client use the Insights Centre?

'Seeing is Believing'

  • To explore the opportunity for clients to drive significant revenue growth across their organisation
  • To develop existing and new opportunities to directly address client issues across all sectors and service lines
  • To agree and commit to actions to enable the step-change to be realised

How is it different?

The Insights Centre delivers:

  1. Collaboration
    With interactive touch screen video walls, breakout screens, and tablets, the Insights Centre is designed for KPMG and our clients to work together on innovative ideas to address business issues.
  2. Demonstration
    Fully integrated into the KPMG Insights Labs that hosts a suite of the latest data and analytics technologies, the Insights Centre serves as a window to KPMG’s portfolio of solutions that covers growth, risk and cost agendas.
  3. Acceleration
    Leveraging the proven techniques of KPMG U-Collaborate, the Insights Centre sessions serve as a change tool that aligns key stakeholders quickly, accelerates generation of ideas, and turns them into concrete actions.
  4. Execution
    Designed around interactivity, the Insights Centre enhances our Audit, Tax, and Advisory services by easing the way requirements are captured, deliverables are showcased, and results are communicated to management.


8th Floor, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong

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About KPMG D&A

Turning Data From Insights Into Value

Going Beyond The Data: Turning Data From Insights Into Value

D&A maturity is rising, but most are still struggling to drive real value from their data. KPMG's global network can help clients create solutions to their business problems in a way that allows them to achieve measurable improvements in the three key areas of cost, growth and risk. Across sectors and countries, through our Tax, Audit and Advisory services, we can help clients gain new insights to remain competitive and relevant.


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