The KPMG Foundation, officially chartered as a charitable entity in 2008, manages the strategic allocation of funds to complement our firm’s CSR goals and focuses through structured and organised giving. The foundation’s goal is to engage our employees, alumni and stakeholders in the community to bring about systematic change that addresses environmental and social issues.

The foundation is governed by a board, which meets regularly to review grant proposals, select grantees and manage donations to strategically allocate funds in line with the firm’s four CSR pillars. This structured giving platform helps ensure that all our programmes are needs-driven, scalable and sustainable in the long term.

Since its establishment, the KPMG Foundation has donated about RMB 73 million – of which RMB 14 million was contributed by firm employees – to support key international and local charities and communities.

The KPMG Foundation takes into account the following factors when supporting a project:

  • The projects are aligned with our CSR focus.
  • They are in places where KPMG has a presence, and offer scope for staff involvement. 
  • The projects can draw upon KPMG’s professional expertise.
  • The projects are innovative, with a community, participatory approach to help underprivileged groups help themselves.
  • They can produce measurable results and have the potential to become sustainable.
  • The projects are specific, rather than applications for general funds
  • They are legally registered non-profit or charitable organisations providing services in Hong Kong and/or the mainland that work in partnership with the government, and/or other philanthropic, private sector and not-for-profit partners.
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