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Society for Community Organization (SoCO)

Society for Community Organization (SoCO)

SoCO is a non-profit and non-governmental community organisation

SoCO is a non-profit and non-governmental community organisation

SoCO is a non-profit and non-governmental community organisation that provides social support for cage and cubicle dwellers, the single elderly, new immigrant women, children living in poverty, street-sleepers, people with mental illnesses, low-paid workers, refugees and ethnic minorities. 

KPMG China has been working with SoCO since 2003. More than 1,000 staff members have volunteered to help SoCO with different community service activities, especially those concerning children. Through this partnership, our firm has helped develop the potential of these children by providing them with both educational and financial support. From large-scale English learning programmes to student internships and other activities such as the annual Christmas party and elderly home visits, we provide both funding and staff volunteer services to support SoCO.

From 2012 to 2015, we partnered with SoCO to roll out a three-year educational programme called ‘We Will Fly’, aimed at improving the English level and widening the horizons of grassroots students in Hong Kong through well-designed English classes and social activities. 

KPMG China provided financial support of HKD 1.56 million to run the programme, which supported over 500 students from primary four to secondary level. The students came from 33 primary schools and 41 secondary schools.

According to a survey conducted by SoCO to evaluate the programme outcome, 90 percent of students felt that their English had improved and that they were able to keep up at school after joining the ‘We Will Fly’ programme, while over 93 percent of parents said that their children now spent more time studying English. Over 83 percent of parents also stated that their relationship with their children had improved through the programme activities.  

In 2017, a one-year pilot programme named ‘SoCO We Will Fly II’ was launched in collaboration with SoCO to strengthen the English foundation of underprivileged children in Hong Kong from an early age. We invited ABC Pathways School, an international kindergarten, to provide English phonics courses taught by native speakers. The programme has also offered a series of parenting skills workshops for SoCO parents.

Going forward, we will continue to work closely with SoCO to organise targeted programmes that support grassroots students in Hong Kong.



Society for Community Organization