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Migrant Youth

Migrant Youth

We strive to empower the migrant youth in China by providing better educational opportunities and resources

We strive to empower the migrant youth in China by providing better educational...

Due to China's hukou (household registration) system, rural migrant workers cannot access public services in the cities because they and their families are still labelled as rural residents. 

In many ways, their children also face various biases and negative stereotypes. Apart from limited access to education and healthcare, they tend to be seen as academically inferior and only fit for blue-collar jobs.

We have been working with different NGOs in China to empower the migrant youth and make them feel included in the big cities. 

Migrant youth programme

The KPMG Foundation offers students experiential learning programmes through Qi Chuang, while migrant schools can get facility upgrades through Shanghai Adream Charitable Foundation. In addition to modernising the hardware in migrant schools where resources are often lacking, these programmes also help migrant students better integrate into their communities, as well as build their self-confidence.

Global Dignity

Global Dignity was established in 2006 by delegates of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, an offshoot of the World Economic Forum. KPMG China volunteers visit different schools and facilitate workshops to instil a positive and inclusive sense of value in youngsters.

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