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Advancing Sustainability

Advancing Sustainability

We strive to improve societal and environmental sustainability

We strive to improve societal and environmental sustainability

We have a responsibility to influence positive change in our community and the marketplace. We strive to address the challenges of climate change in terms of our own operations and by working with our clients to improve societal and environmental sustainability.

Carbon emission reduction target

In 2008, KPMG International launched the Global Green Initiative (GGI) as a global response to the challenges of climate change. From 2010-2015, KPMG China reduced net carbon emissions per full-time employee by 16 percent. Our global target is a further 10 percent reduction in global net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2020 against a 2015 baseline. Part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is to measure, reduce and report KPMG’s combined GHG emissions inventory. Furthermore, KPMG promotes sustainability by raising awareness and engaging our people.

Green buildings and facilities

To reduce our carbon footprint and save energy, we have offices in LEED certified buildings in Hong Kong, Chengdu and Foshan. In addition, our Hysan Place office in Hong Kong is LEED Platinum certified in terms of interior design. In 2012, we moved 40 percent of our Hong Kong office space to Hysan Place, the first LEED Platinum certified mixed-use office and vertical mall complex in Hong Kong and mainland China. Our vision is to use this office as a standard for all our future offices. The building’s key green features, including the use of recycled, regional and renewable material, have allowed us to further our commitment to environmental protection. KPMG China reduces lighting power and enhances staff’s well-being by optimising natural light through efficient office design. In addition to the offices having glazed partitioning, partners’ offices in Hysan Place are positioned at the core of the floors to avoid blocking light. We have also incorporated daylight and motion sensors, use energy-saving LED lights and T5 lamps, and have implemented energy-saving policies. KPMG China’s waste management efforts include maximised usage of green building materials, and office equipment with high recycled, regional and renewable content and low hazardous emissions; integrated recycling bins; and water-saving systems. KPMG China’s investments in green office facilities include installing personal video conferencing capacity on computers (reducing air travel); introducing a Living Green Portal and eAudit; and purchasing energy-efficient equipment and appliances.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

KPMG China was one of the first members of WWF-Hong Kong’s Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP). Since 2014, we have been a Silver Member of WWF, and have become an active supporter of WWF’s various initiatives such as Earth Hour. Since 2008, all our offices in China have taken part in the Earth Hour initiative. We are committed to being part of the green community by supporting our NGO partner on an ongoing basis.

World Green Organisation – Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS)

Since 2015, KPMG China has participated in the Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS) launched by the World Green Organisation (WGO), an independent non-governmental organisation concerned with environmental conservation and environmentally related livelihood and economic affairs. GOALS aims to recognise the companies that have made efforts in promoting and implementing green practices at their workplace in the areas of energy saving, water saving, waste reduction and green procurement. From 2015 to 2017, we received the Green Office Awards labels for our two Hong Kong offices – Hysan Place and Prince’s Building – after WGO’s green auditing and verification.

‘Living Green’ initiative

KPMG China launched the ‘Living Green’ initiative to examine various aspects of our operations, with the aim of making our offices more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we raise our people’s awareness on climate change, and promote a low-carbon lifestyle by sharing green tips and offering vegetarian meals at our brown bag lunch seminars.

Shanghai Daorong Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development Center (Daorong) Water Conservation Programme

In 2016, KPMG China launched an environmental programme in collaboration with Shanghai Daorong Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development Center (Daorong). The programme raised awareness of the safety of drinking from water sources in the Huangpu River, and the importance of water conservation to both our colleagues and university students.

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