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For better

For better


We strive to reduce and recycle the waste generated in our offices. Although we promote reduction as the best option, recycling bins are available in main offices, and we encourage our colleagues to recycle their waste. In Hong Kong, we have various recycling bins to collect waste including plastic, metal, glass and paper, as well as drink cartons, polyfoam, e-waste and food waste. We also organise regular donation drives and collections, such as for clothing, books, mooncake boxes and toys.

In 2020, KPMG was a sponsor for Hong Kong environmental NGO Redress’s Get Redressed Month. This was the second year running that we signed up as a sponsor. We have also removed all plastic bottles in our vending machines in the Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices.

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Office relocation in Hong Kong

In late 2019, two of our Hong Kong offices relocated. The move generated a large quantity of items such as furniture and stationery, which was no longer needed for the new location.

To make good use of these items, we set up ‘sharing tables’ in our offices to encourage a circular economy, where colleagues could take items that they needed. We also donated various items to over 16 charities, as well as to many schools, extending their usable life and avoiding items going to the landfill.

Tetra Pak carton recycling

Since March 2020, we have supported the beverage carton recycling initiative run by Vitasoy and SSID/MilMill in Hong Kong. We currently save an average of 21.5kg of beverage cartons from the landfill per month – the majority saved by our office administration staff, who meticulously cut and wash each milk carton used for our coffee machines. We have also had strong engagement from our staff.

Laptop donation

Almost all staff members are provided with a laptop for their work, and it is inevitable that old laptops need to be retired after a certain number of years. However, where possible, we strive to find a second home for these retired laptops through our network of NGOs and schools.

Laptop donation

Green event management

On Earth Day 2020, we launched the Green Events Guidelines, which aim to reduce the impact of our events by removing single-use plastic, reducing food waste, increasing plant-based options and providing sustainable souvenirs, among others. Events allow us to set ourselves apart as a responsible corporate and demonstrate our value, ‘For better’.

Seven online sessions of training were conducted during FY2020 to raise awareness and educate our people on sustainable living and climate change mitigation.

Green Events Guideline
Green event management