KPMG wins the Best Auditor, Tax and Funds award in the 2019 Asset Management Awards from AsianInvestor

KPMG wins the Best Auditor, Tax and Funds award

KPMG wins the Best Auditor, Tax and Funds award in the Asset Management Awards 2019 from AsianInvestor

KPMG wins the Best Auditor, Tax and Funds award in the Asset Management Awards 2019

KPMG partners on the stage at the AsianInvestor Asset Management Awards 2019

KPMG has been awarded “Best Auditor, Tax and Funds” in the 2019 AsianInvestor Asset Management Awards. This award affirms our leading position among asset managers in the Asia-Pacific region, and inspires us to continue deepening and developing our presence in this field. The significant milestone places KPMG among the ranks of top service providers to the industry and further strengthening KPMG's leadership as a fund auditor.

"Asset management is a key area of focus for KPMG," said Bonn Liu, Head of  ​Securities & Asset Management, ASPAC and Head of Financial Services, Hong Kong. "This win is a great achievement for the firm, and an acknowledgement from the market of our focus and efforts to grow our capabilities, client base and relationships in the industry through the provision of exceptional market insights and advice, innovative technology and value-added services."

Abby Wang, Head of Securities & Asset Management, KPMG China, said, “Like any excellent asset manager, KPMG has consistently pursued long-term growth and exceptional quality. We are full of confidence and expectation for the development of China's asset management industry and will continue to increase our expertise and professionalism to become a dependable, long-term strategic service partner for asset managers."

"We are pleased to be recognised for our commitment to initiatives that are crucial to the industry's development and the future needs of our clients," said Vivian Chui, Head of Securities & Asset Management, Hong Kong. "For example, we continue to drive the discussion with regulators, clients and other key stakeholders – including through KPMG-hosted events such as our recent successful Sustainable Finance seminar – on integrating Environmental, Social and Governance into asset management, which is an increasingly important area of focus for many of our clients."

KPMG was also recognised for its efforts in working alongside policy makers and, through our senior leaders' participation in numerous industry associations' activities and with regulatory committees, in leading discussions for driving policy making and shaping the future for the asset management sector. Our firm has also demonstrated our position as thought leaders in the market, collaborating with industry associations and the business community to provide valuable insights and advice on key issues affecting the industry and our clients.

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