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Legal Transformation & Technology Law

Legal Transformation & Technology Law

KPMG empowers law professionals to seize digital opportunities and navigate challenges.

KPMG empowers law professionals to seize digital opportunities and navigate challenges.

KPMG’s Legal Transformation & Technology Law team helps you select and implement the right legal technologies and apps to drive success on your digital transformation journey. In a world where innovative technology emerges and spreads rapidly, we help industry clients, law firms and legal departments keep pace.

We help you look beyond the immediate challenges to anticipate the potential longer-term impact of technological change on industry, law and economy. Our specialists are skilled in resolving complex legal questions in areas such as blockchain, IT outsourcing, social media, artificial intelligence and cognitive technology. Let us guide you through potential pitfalls and empower you to seize opportunities as you transition to the future.


KPMG's expertise

  • Analyzing transformation and digitization opportunities
  • Assisting with process improvement of a company’s core processes that are critical prior to any technology adoption
  • Social media advice and compliance support (e.g. policies and best practices)
  • E-commerce advice and support (e.g. contracts, implementation of compliance measures) 
  • Drafting, negotiating and assessing IT outsourcing contracts 
  • Cognitive systems legal assessment and compliance support
  • Advice and support in connection with legal compliance related to applied artificial intelligence
  • Legal advice, support and integration related to smart contracts and blockchain technology


KPMG's tools and methods

  • Legal Marketplace
    • An online marketplace that attracts, on-boards and retains a substantial workforce of lawyers working remotely, matching and deploying lawyers to customer demands in a smart, seamless way
    • An online marketplace platform allowing the purchase of legal documents, templates and tools
    • Multi-jurisdictional legal applications ready for off-the-shelf use and localization, compliance toolkits and training modules
  • Legal operations solutions using smart technology to support your legal operations and legal design
  • Document automation delivering standard agreements and the most common standard legal documents
  • Advanced solutions employing smart agents (e.g. bots) programmed to return best-fit answers to user queries

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