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International Private Clients

International Private Clients

Private individuals with global interests require customized solutions for their tax and legal issues and regarding asset allocation.

Private individuals require customized solutions for tax and legal issues.

KPMG’s International Private Client Services team is made up of tax advisors, lawyers and accountants. KPMG’s multidisciplinary approach offers customized solutions for tax, legal and structural issues from a single source. Clients also benefit from our global network, which makes it possible to come up with answers to queries concerning the situation both in Switzerland and abroad.

Private tax compliance and voluntary disclosures
More than ever, tax compliance is an important issue for high-net-worth private individuals with international interests. Careful planning and compliance with all the relevant provisions is essential. If you’ve not been tax-compliant over the past few years, you need to lay firm foundations for the future by disclosing their assets to the authorities. Our experts can support you in these matters.

International relocation and cross-border tax and legal advice
Relocating to Switzerland or abroad throws up questions about tax-efficient domiciles, corporate structuring and investments. This is true for business owners, senior executives and people who have retired from the world of business. Foreigners relocating to Switzerland can also take advantage of the attractive option of lump-sum taxation. We help private individuals with all their tax and legal issues concerning family businesses – in terms of their investment activities, equity-based compensation for senior executives and their assets. Our experienced tax experts can advise you on how to structure income streams. This help is available to both senior executives and those who have retired from the world of business.

Residential properties
The legal and tax questions raised when purchasing residential property call for detailed clarification of the various legal and tax issues involved. This means clarifying and optimizing transactions both at home and abroad and taking a long-term view of the situation to be well prepared for any future changes in ownership status.

Senior executives
The advice given to senior executives tends to focus on issues such as tax-efficient remuneration models, the structure and planning of pension solutions, equity-based compensation and choosing the most appropriate place of domicile. KMPG can provide advice in all these areas and implement and administer the resulting solutions.

Succession planning
Private clients can choose from a wide range of options for passing on assets to the next generation and do so in ways which protect their family’s interests and needs and guarantee tax efficiency. Creating customized legal solutions helps to ensure that this is done as the donor wishes.


KPMG’s expertise

  • Tax planning for private individuals, business owners and senior executives regarding national and international issues in collaboration with KPMG’s international network
  • Advice on voluntary disclosures and support in dealings with tax authorities
  • Tax and legal advice and planning when relocating to Switzerland or abroad, including residence and work permits
  • Analysis of the relevant structure and its legal and tax implications when buying and selling property
  • Tax and legal advice regarding the purchase, holding and disposal of luxury goods (taking into account structures involving foundations and trusts)
  • Support for family offices
  • International tax restructuring
  • Tax and legal planning for succession solutions and asset transfers involving family businesses or property complexes

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