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Global Transfer Pricing Services

Global Transfer Pricing Services

International businesses have to make sure all related party dealings are arranged at arm’s length.

Transfer Pricing is a major topic for international businesses.

Transfer pricing has always been multi-faceted, involving commercial, tax, systems and governance aspects. But as exponential change transforms the way organizations operate their innovation, supply chains and sales models, it can be difficult to reconcile the many faces of transfer pricing.

This situation is compounded by a substantial increase over the past 10 years in transfer pricing regulations and scrutiny by tax authorities, coupled with growing public interest in companies’ tax matters.

Transfer pricing sits firmly within the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GCR) agenda in many organizations, with a focus on risk management, compliance, and transparency. Given the speed and distribution of business change, companies need to seek new approaches to transfer pricing, considering factors such as business partnering, commercial alignment, organizational shifts and resource management.

How can organizations actively manage transfer pricing matters given this context?

KPMG’s experts help you address all transfer pricing-related issues, considering, complementing and building on your organization’s unique profile and existing transfer pricing expertise. We help you explore and manage opportunities and risks, offering insights on successful transfer pricing operationalization from a commercial, systems and governance perspective.

KPMG’s expertise

  • Compliance Enhanced: Safeguard compliance with transfer pricing documentation and other compliance requirements (including Country-by-Country reporting and TP disclosures) and support ongoing management of compliance obligations
  • Data with Analytics: Analyze transfer pricing data to provide specific insights into TP results and manage TP policy and compliance
  • Technology Enablement: Empower you to implement efficient, technology-enabled transfer pricing management
  • Advocacy Management: Review and analyze the audit process to provide support during tax authority examinations and assist with APA services
  • Risk Management: Develop methodology for identifying, evaluating, monitoring and managing transfer pricing risks, incorporating risk diagnostics and tax control framework approaches
  • Operational TP: Combine transfer pricing requirements and commercial goals in a transfer pricing operating model that reduces complexity and improves outcomes

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