Global Mobility Transformation

Global Mobility Transformation

Drive strategic success and operational excellence through Global Mobility Transformation.

Drive strategic success and operational excellence through Global Mobility Transformation.

Change is today’s new normal

As technology megatrends continue to redefine markets, business models, workforces and customer relationships, today’s HR and mobility functions need to keep pace and contribute new value to the business. Global Mobility teams must be well-equipped to guide the business through uncertainty and geopolitical events with agility, while continuing to focus on employee engagement.

Taking a strategic, proactive approach to managing an effective, cost efficient and responsive global mobility program creates a clear competitive advantage. Even more so, considering the rising demand for a professional global workforce and pool of talent with international exposure.

An agile global mobility program strategically aligned with business objectives drives growth in new markets, attracts and develops top talent and generates employee satisfaction and engagement.

KPMG's expertise

KPMG's experts have led world-class in-house global mobility teams and can help you transform your global mobility program to develop a more cost-effective approach aligned with business objectives to drive growth and employee engagement.

Working closely with mobility tax professionals, KPMG provides holistic, end-to-end service and practical insights tailored to your requirements – from ad hoc projects and outsourcing needs to larger transformation projects. KPMG's Global Mobility Transformation offering focuses on strategic success and operational excellence and includes the following services:

Strategic success

  • Designing, reviewing and implementing a cost-effective program and policy framework focused on employee satisfaction and incentivizing mobility
  • Training and coaching global mobility teams and advising on operational, talent and change management issues
  • Helping you identify operational optimization and cost reduction opportunities plus areas of compliance risk with our mobility ‘health check’
  • Facilitating offsite “Disruption Discussions’ with all key stakeholders and decision makers – held outside your day-to-day environment – to determine your global mobility strategic agenda and take it to the next level


Operation excellence

  • Operating model design and implementation support including vendor management review and transition management
  • Case-by-case assistance ranging from our ‘global mobility hotline’ offering ad hoc help to bespoke premium outsourcing service providing end-to-end support
  • Financial management process design and implementation to provide you with concrete data to improve stakeholder reporting, business accountability and drive change
  • Advice and support on new location builds to help you navigate expansion initiatives successfully

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