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Next Generation

Helping aspiring and ambitious new board members connect with organizations seeking to build better boards.

Exchange between experienced board members and newcomers

  • New board members have to understand the business – its strategies, operations, risks, and management team – as well as the responsibilities and culture of the board and its committees. This all takes time and can be overwhelming.

    Our extensive knowledge, helpful publications and years of experience help prepare and train prospective board members. There are a number of crucial areas to be clarified up-front, such as: What are the right questions to ask if you are looking for a board position? How do you choose a suitable board and what is the best way to position yourself? Which board role best fits your skills? There are further important aspects to be considered as well: How does a board chose a new member? What are their criteria? What are the attributes that headhunters work with?

    We enable an exchange between experienced board members and newcomers with our wide network, thus helping you find answers to these questions and to quickly contribute meaningfully to board meetings.

    Induction and onboarding – using the example of the Audit Committee (PDF)

Career goal: Board member

Interview with Dr Monika Krüsi, President of the Board of Directors of Repower

  • How do you select a company whose board you would like to be on and how do you manage to be elected? How important is industry knowledge or is experience as a board member or CEO sufficient? What is the case for diversity on the board of directors and why is it not just a question of gender? How does a newcomer behave on an existing board and what’s the best way to start off on the right foot?

    Find the answers to these and more questions in our conversation with Dr Monika Krüsi.

    Read the full interview (PDF)

    Board Leadership News – full publication (PDF)

Who to contact

Rolf Hauenstein
Head of Board Leadership Center
KPMG Switzerland
Hélène Béguin
Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Western Switzerland