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Board Issues

Leading insights to help board members face today’s boardroom challenges.

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On the 2019 Board Agenda

On the 2019 Remuneration Committee Agenda

On the 2019 Nomination Committee Agenda

On the 2019 Global Audit Committee Agenda

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Ethics and integrity – Blind spots on red flags

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INSEAD Board Leadership principles

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CEO Outlook

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Digital leaders perform better: From market speed to customer trust

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Boardroom questions

Boards have to cover a wide range of issues. Time is limited, so asking the right questions is critical. Boardroom questions are designed to help board members frame their boardroom challenge.

Balancing third parties risk and return

A company’s use of third parties does not diminish the responsibility of its board.

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Cloud enabled back office

A quick look at leveraging the cloud in transforming back office functions.

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Creating value through optimized capital allocation

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Cyber Security – what does it mean for the board?

Why cyber security risk is an everyday business consideration in the same way that threats in the real world always have been.

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Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Staying ahead as the world advances.

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Future workforce

Millennials, baby-boomers, freelancers and robots. What will the shape of global businesses’ workforce look like in the future?

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GDPR/Swiss Data Protection Act

Ready to comply in the new area of data protection?

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Global Assurance

The reliable answer to your uncertainties.

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Improving effectiveness and efficiency of corporate reporting

Is corporate reporting still fit for purpose?

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Industry 4.0 – The fourth industrial revolution

What might the future look like for global manufacturers in a world where machines and products are more connected?

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Intelligent Automation

What can organizations expect from artificial intelligence and what needs to be in place to benefit from it?

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Oversight of an organization's Compliance Management System

Guidance for the board to achieve a reasonable and effective oversight of the organization’s Compliance Management System.

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How businesses can transform existing processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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Swiss Corporate Tax Reform

The Swiss tax reform promises stability and legal certainty.

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Talent management... or talent risk?

Why talent management is critical to the board.

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Tax function transformation

Mind the Gap

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Tax transparency and governance

Debate drivers and their impact on businesses, governments and individuals.

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The changing landscape of disruptive technologies

How are disruptive technologies redefining industries and business?

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Rolf Hauenstein
Head of Board Leadership Center
KPMG Switzerland
Hélène Béguin
Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Western Switzerland